Our Services

Lifeboat & Davit Inspection (Annual and 5 Yearly Inspection)

We are approved by makers or we will manage to service for below maker’s lifeboat and davit inspection in the past years and in future

  • Annual & 5-yearly maintenance, thorough examination, operational testing, overhaul and repair of lifeboats and rescue boats, launching appliances and release gear, according to the SOLAS Reg. III/20-11 and IMO Circular MSC.402(96).
  • We are approved by Panama, Liberia, Bahamas Flag, Class NK, BV, ABS, LR, RINA, CCS, KR under MSC 402 (96).


Inspection & Servicing of LSA / FFE (Annual, Bi-annual, 3/5/10 yearly inspection, hydrotest and refilling)

We are approved by makers, Class NK, ABS, LR and other Class Societies in accordance with IACS UR Z17, LSA Code, FFS Code, MSC.1/Circ.1312,1318,1432,  1516,670,798,850,1370, Res. A.951(23), as amended, as well as other relevant guidelines for the annual inspection, servicing, maintenance, testing and repairing of fire-fighting, life-saving equipment, system.

  • FFE Equipment, EEBD, SCBA, MO Sets and Cylinders, Fireman Outfit.
  • Fixed CO2, Foam, Powder, Water Mist, Sprinkler, Wet Chemical System.
  • Other LSA Equipment, immersion suits, chemical suit, lifejacket, lifeboat air cylinders.
  • Life rafts annual servicing.

Calibration & Automation Services

  • ODME, OWS, Fixed Gas Sampling /Detection System
  • Multi-gas Detector, Pressure/Temperature Gauge Calibration
  • UTI, Tank Gauging, Other Automation Services

Load Test / Pressure Test

  • Cargo Crane, Provision Crane, Engine Overhead Crane, Bunker Handling Crane, Accommodation Gangway, Pilot Ladder load test.
  • Flexible cargo hoses, piping line pressure test

D&A Test, FW Analysis

  • Drug and Alcohol Test
  • Drink Water analysis


  • Bridge navigating instrument, equipment repairing

Magnetic Compass & Gyro Overhaul

  • Magnetic compass adjustment, Deviation card issuance
  • Gyro overhaul & services

Panama Flag Certificates

  • Panama Annual Safety Inspection
  • Authorization, extension, dispensation and exemption certificates
  • Panama ship registration and cancellation
  • Issuance of seafarers’ license, Radio Station License, Minimum Safe Manning Certificate, Annual tax receipt, CLC (tanker) and Bunker convention certificate. BWMP, IBWMC, Declaration of CSO, ISSC, DMLC Part I, CSR, WRC, ITC.

Classification - OMCS

  • Issue Certificate of Inspection Crew Accommodation (CICA), MLC 2006 Certificate, including PART I, II.
  • Issue Classification statutory certificates under OMCS (Panama RO)

Other Business Scope & Services

  • Port agency operation for bunkering and cargo operation.
  • Owner’s representative, crew changing, provision supply.
  • Bunker survey & ROB survey, on/off hire and condition survey.
  • Casualty investigation, Pre-purchase inspection, Marine Warranty Survey, Insurance Claim inspection, OVID/CMID/PNI /H&M/Offshore survey.
  • Ship’s building and repairing, steel and pipe works.