Star Shipcare Pte Ltd

One-stop Maritime Quality Services at a Competitive Costs

Overview Of Our Company

We, Star Shipcare Pte Ltd, established by Capt.Jimmy Lin in year of 2011, one stop service company for maritime survey and inspection in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, other ASEAN countries, China, Japan, Korea and other worldwide ports.  

Summary Of Services

Lifeboat & Davit Inspection

Makers approved annual & 5-yearly inspection of Lifeboat and davit for load test and inspection.

Inspection & Servicing of LSA / FFS

Inspection, servicing, maintenance, testing and repairing of fire fighting equipment, life-saving equipment, and systems

Calibration and Automation

ODME, OWS, Fixed Gas Sampling, Detection System, Multi-gas Detector, Pressure / Temperature Gauge Calibration, etc

Load Test / Pressure Test

Cargo cranes, accommodation gangway, pilot ladder load tests, piping line pressure test

D&A Test, FW Analysis

Drug and alcohol test & drinking water analysis

Welcome to join and share our maximum benefits, advantage with you now.

We provide more than a thousand of ship Owners, Managers, Operators, Brokers and other service company with our best inspection, quality services and most competitive prices in the market, especially for those Panama, Liberia, Bahamas ships.

To support, satisfy your good lady vessel servicing needs, and to ensure their compliance with ISM Code, ships quality, environment, health and safety management system, LSA Code, FSS Code, rules and regulation of IMO Conventions (SOLAS, MARPOL, etc), Flag and Class requirements.

Active Clients
Cumulative Vessels Served